I promise you will laugh, you will cry, you will think they have been looking in your window; but most of all, you will learn to live the way God intended, brave and free! Buy it, read it, love it, live it!
A must read for perfectionists, people-pleasers, procrastinators, and those who think they must DO enough to BE enough….One of my favorite quotes from the book was this: "Multitasking may work for some tasks. But multitasking kills relationships." As a self-proclaimed multitasker, this quote was life-changing.
Kathi and Cheri are honest and transparent regarding what they struggle with but it doesn't stop there. They go deeper with practical tools for making changes. This book helps you realize that you can live a braver life, that rebelling against the "perfection illusion" is ok; in fact, it is healthy. Grab this book, settle in, and prepare to do some soul-searching as you learn to live braver!
It's time to stop trying so hard! With Kathi and Cheri leading the charge, we can all now join the rebellion against the Perfect life! Full of personal stories of their own and anecdotes from other Rebels, this book is laughter, encouragement and friendship in 250 pages. A quick and worthwhile read!
This book is an excellent resource if you're trying to break the madness that is trying to get life perfect. It had me saying over and over, "Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one!" It's honest, it's funny, and it's totally relatable. There are self-assessment tests built right into the text, making this the perfect workbook to help you stop beating yourself up for not being perfect and start being YOU!
At first I thought, "0h no, not another self-help book!" But oh no! This is not another self-help book! This books peels back the masks we might be wearing and the roles we might be playing to please the bullies of Perfectionism, Performancism, People Pleasing and Procrastination. With these tools and helps we can step out of these draining roles and live in the freedom of who we were meant to be. It's about Love, which casts out all fear. So profound. So needed for today's woman who is trying so hard!
Packed with resources, advice, and testimonies, this book is the CURE(!) for perfection. Seriously. Both Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory equip their readers with all the tools they'll need to ditch those issues with perfection for good. They provide humor along with a heavy dose of help for all of us struggling (and I know there are a lot of us, right girls?). In addition, this book gently guides women into the realization that perfection isn't attainable...and that we need to rebel against a culture that tells us we should be. Friend, you're going to learn how strong you are, and how brave you can be. Buy a copy. Better yet, purchase a book for yourself and another for a friend, sister, mother, or cousin who battles with that age-old issue we all do: perfection.
Down-to-earth, practical, no-nonsense and easy to read, this book will help you see yourself in a new way and find the courage to take your life back from the people, expectations and lies that have slowly stolen it over the years. All women benefit when we can more authentically show up to our lives--join the Braver Living Rebellion!
I love the writing style which combines succinct descriptions, quotes, quizzes, journaling and stories which drive the points home. Prepare to be convicted without condemnation and inspired without becoming overwhelmed. It's a must read and a must share. Be prepared to use a highlighter and a pencil as your first #braverliving #tinyactofrebellion. Then come join the community of Bravery Buddies on Facebook.